Pudding Room Show: May 5th

Facebook | Pudding Room Event.

Click the link above to visit the Facebook event page. Not on Facebook? Not a problem… here are the details:

Yo, yo, yoyo! It’s party time in the Pudding Room! We’ve got a special edition show on Wednesday. There’s a student group in the SMU Business School called SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) who are selling an awesome little gizmo called the Toilet Tummy. It’s a water saving environmentally friendly thingy filled with awesomeness. They’ll be flogging their ‘tummies’ during the show and we’ll be making up shit about them on stage!

We brought the game last week with uncomfortable lady moments for our hairy girl Steven, vocal sounds from outerspace and a couple of 80’s has-beens competing for air time. Meatloaf would have cried.

What we got goin’ on this week? You decide! So bring your homies and your mommies peepos. We got game.

Show starts at 8pm, $5 at the door. There’s an open bar and some pretty snazzy snacks from the dudes in the kitchen.

Pudding Room
Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre
1505 Barrington Street, Halifax


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Announcement RE: Venue

Tonight was the last Pudding Room at Joker’s Comedy Club.

But fear not Pudding-goers!! We have a new home at Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre. We’ll still be on every Wednesday, the show will still be at 8 and it will still cost only $5 at the door.

Hosted by pudding sadist Brian MacQuarrie.

On April 7th, follow the haunting sounds of the penny whistle to the bottom of Spring Garden as we break in Home #2 at Halifax Feast.

It’s all good. It’s all improv. And it’s all Pudding Room.

Mark Adam

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Featured article today…

Read it!

A review of our show is the featured article under “Theatre” on The Coast’s website today. Go have a quick read.


Mark Adam

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New faces in Comedy.

We, the members of The Pudding Room, are sort of the “new kid in town” as far as Comedy groups in Halifax are concerned. We’ve been rolling every Wednesday since December of ’09, however, and the response has been superb. Until the end of this month we can be found at Joker’s Comedy Club at 8PM every Wednesday (doors open at 7PM). As of April, the day of the week and the time slot will remain, but our venue will change.

“Where are we going?” you may ask.

Our response will be, “To the Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre.”

“Oh wow! But, wait! Will the price change?” will most likely be your concern.

“Heck no!” we’ll tell you, “It’s still only five dollars!”

We do hope you’ll then say something like, “Excellent, see you there!”

As an added bonus, we believe our permanent host position (vacant since the departure of the very funny Ben Mills) has been filled. The super-talented and hilarious Brian MacQuarrie of “Picnicface” fame has shown us just how excited he is to be with us. After rehearsing with Mr. MacQuarrie, I personally am so excited to see how his first show goes!

Be there Wednesday, March 24th for the start of a new era for The Pudding Room. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook group to keep yourself up to date!

By the way, here’s a poster designed by Brian. We liked him before he tried sucking up, but it’s still a SWEET poster.

Sweet, eh?

More info to come!

Mark Adam

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